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Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelets

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One size fits all. Crystal beads between 6-8mm

Blue Onyx
Blue Onyx is a stone that will increase your happiness and contentment in life. It will also enhance your intuition and strengthen your resolve in changing your bad habits. It's a strength-giving stone that will be good for people who are always under extreme physical, emotional, or mental stress. 

Amazonite is a wonderful support stone, it soothes emotions and helps to combat feelings of emptiness and lack, wearing Amazonite during these times helps to bring reassurance, hope and trust back within, Amazonite also amplifies courage, it encourages you to move beyond self-limiting fears and judgement. 

Aquamarines's gentle and soothing energy allows you to let go of old ways that no longer serve you, whilst allowing emotions to re-balance guiding you to move forward in life with self-confidence and assurance. 

 Malachite strengthens your ability to take action, to create & manifest your desires & dreams. Stimulating the solar plexus Malachite enhances your willpower, & promotes alignment with your personal & divine will.

Peach Moonstone
Peach Moonstone is primarily known as a women’s stone. It’s strong feminine energy is great for supporting fertility, creating calmness and helps you to face transition and change with a courageous and open heart. 

A powerful healer of the emotional body, Kunzite gently encourages letting go, releasing fears, anger, worries & anything that causes inner turmoil, Kunzite soothes both heart and mind, allowing you to live in the present moment 

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate helps you to express yourself and communicate with authenticity, freedom and honesty. Blue Lace Agate nurtures and calms, whilst delivering emotional healing patience and balance, removing negativity and feelings of lack, filling the heart with compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Dream Amethyst
Dream Amethyst balances the mind and promotes relaxation & self discovery. It is also known to strengthen intuition, bringing you insight and wisdom by opening your Third eye. Dream Amethyst is a high vibrational crystal, making it ideal for meditating & a must for every crystal collection.